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  1. I recently discovered your site. I like it very much. I like your thinking and I appreciate how much more detailed it is in its arguments. I wish you great success and widespread influence. I am cheering and nodding my head as I read your words. Except for one thing only, which I am afraid may cause some trouble or derision. That is the use of the word its and the correct use of the apostrophe. I am sincerely hoping you won’t be annoyed by my suggestion because I am offering it to you in the spirit of improving and strengthening your credibility. Here is the trick I always use s when using the word its: When using it’s, the reason for the apostrophe is to show a missing letter. The apostrophe is the stand in for the letter i. If you can say it is in the sentence, then you can use the apostrophe. If not, then don’t use the apostrophe. I hope this is helpful. Thanks again for your work. The more that we know about what’s really happening, the better. And humor always seems to help.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I tend to get sloppy with conventions. I will go back and check my posts. I am not suggesting anything regarding myself, but one of my favorite writers, F.Scott Fitzgerald was horrible with conventions.


  2. I am so glad to find this site! I came out of Mormonism in February, and resigned in May. I was raised Mormon, and TBM all of my adult life. At age 59, I am so happy to be out of that cult. I can now see in color instead of black and white! I really enjoy what you have to say, and agree with everything written. Much insight and research you have done, and I appreciate it so much! Keep up the good work!


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